Everyday Habits That Cause Premature Wrinkles, Eye-Bags, And Other Age Marks

We all experience wrinkles in our lives when we grow older because it is part of our lives, it does not matter how hard we try to avoid it. The appearance of wrinkles when we are young is a major issue, however. Premature aging can make us look dull, tired and significantly older than you truly are. Remember that several things can cause premature wrinkles, eye-bags, and other age marks. However, tons of everyday beauty habits can cause wrinkles too. These wrong beauty habits are accelerating the aging process, so you should remove it immediately. Keep scrolling!

You Can’t Live Without Smoking

If you are a fervent smoker, then the time has come to give up. You should pick between having an excellent glowing and young skin or the one that has wrinkles, Eye-Bags, And Other Age Marks. Smoking, for the most part, isn’t useful for your overall body and beauty – you definitely know it has serious and dangerous impacts. Concerning your skin, it is the fundamental driver of wrinkles and aging marks. It is great in drying the skin which henceforth bringing to wrinkles.


Extreme drinking comes with serious impacts some of which you know already. Most importantly, alcohol is the best at getting dried out the body. That is the reason you generally feel wasted-commonly known as ‘aftereffect’- after turning up in the club on a Friday night. Furthermore, it is well in dispensing with vitamin A from the body. What will pursue is a dull skin with full of eye bags and wrinkles. Reducing your liquor alcohol consumption is appropriate.

Love Sugar

An excessive amount of sugar is not good for us on various routes, for example, our teeth, and our weight; however, it is not good for the skin as well. During the process of glycation, molecules can form in the blood that assaults and harm collagen and elastin in the body – the two of which help to make the new and wrinkle-free skin.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum doesn’t cause wrinkles because of certain ingredients, but the way in which you chew it matter. When you are chewing a piece of gum, the skin around the mouth is continually moving, making numerous shapes all the while. If you do this process frequently can prompt creating wrinkles around the moth, eminently the descending turn at the corners?

Unhealthy Diets

It is very vital what you eat. Appropriate eating regimen won’t just enhance your invulnerable framework yet in addition to your skin. Various examinations have demonstrated that those people who take more fish and meat are probably going to have dry skin when contrasted with the ones that consume vegetables. Wrinkles will naturally take the toll on your skin once it loses moisture.

Rubbing Or Brushing Your Face Too Hard

If you always hurry, our first nature is to simply slather everything all over as quick as would be prudent. With speed, there is also included pressure. We tend to apply our cosmetics or healthy skin items significantly harder when we are in a hurry. This steady pressure on over face can lose the flexibility of your skin and can prompt untimely premature aging effects. So, it is essential to remove this habit.


Anxiety isn’t useful for your general mental and physical health. Different infirmities continuously join it; some are for a short period while others are dangerous. It can prompt terrible eating and improper dosing schedule. You will be compelled to eat a great deal of sustenance or nothing at all. Wearing that sad face when stressed is the fundamental cause of wrinkles and other aging marks. So, try to make yourself happy.

Hot Showers

We all like to shower with hot water as there is nothing is more relaxing than a long hot shower at the end of the day. Be that as it may, this propensity can be making your skin wrinkle up. The high temp water can diminish the natural oils on the skin that can lessen the defensive hindrance. The less natural oils, the more inclined we are to wrinkles. Thus try to take a shower with fresh water as it is better for your skin and hair.

Lack Of Sleep

Proper rest and better sleep both are for health and skin. The hours when you’re conked out are the point at which your skin repairs and reestablishes itself. In case you deny yourself of a decent night’s rest, your appearance won’t have the capacity to recovery itself proficiently, prompting less cell turnover and a dull composition.


If you are committing any of these beauty habits, then you should skip them the next time for your beauty.  However, we will recommend you to buy an eye wrinkle cream of Ayuni Organic. Do you have any tips for reducing wrinkles and premature aging marks? Share with us here!

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