Five Vigorous Essential Oils for Shingles

Shingles is a skin condition which occurs quite often to people already suffered from chickenpox. Don’t worry about the healing; this situation is treatable with simple ways like essential oils for shingles.

What are Shingles?

Firstly, we want you to understand the mechanism of shingles. Shingles and chickenpox are caused by the similar virus which we call varicella-zoster, this guy is included in a range of viruses with the name calling is herpes viruses. This kind of virus has the life expectancy longer than another virus because it doesn’t want to move out of our body when we are healed from chickenpox. The ideal sanctuary for this herpes viruses will be the nervous system which is deeply hard to recognize.

Shingles are also well-known for the other name: herpes zoster. If the herpes zoster virus finds out any chance of activating their work, it will automatically want to invade our body by fleeing down the nerve fibers. In this stage, the new invasion begins.

In the first step, affected people whose skin is damaged by some rashes and painful feeling in more different bands which are dermatomes. Due to this dermatomes, particular parts of the body will be affected not the whole body. The reason may be being to the virus only makes influence to a single sensory nerve, not the whole.

The first sign you feel when you have shingles will be painful, some red and blister rashes in some locations. Typically, it appears similar to chickenpox, but in the beginning, it will be in blister form consists of fluid on each blister. People have weak immunity will face a significant risk of being affected by this kind of situation. 2-4 weeks are the common life expectancy of shingles, during that period, the form of the blister will change from fluid to dryness. If you don’t want it to be alleviated, you should not scratch those dots from the beginning because it can bring about the inflammation. Therefore, more and more virus can infect to the soft, sensitive places.

Then, you will find a way to get rid of this annoying phenomenon. Our recommendation will be using essential oils which are excessively popular to everyone. Those essential oils have the function to protect the sensitive skin. In the other hand, helping the healing process can be considered as an important function of nutrition in those essential oils.

Essential Oils For  Shingles

  • Tea Tree

    In the case of shingles suffering, people should protect themselves from bacteria, fungus, and septic elements because painful blister would open their mount and force the tissue to accept dangers come from the environment around when you accidentally break it. Fortunately, tea tree is famous for those anti elements. It can help to prevent the weak immunity in certain parts from septic and bacterial factors.

    If you consider using this kind of essential oil, you should know what type of skin you have. If you have tough skin, you can directly apply it to the places which occur red rashes. Otherwise, sensitive skin will have to be put the mixture of tea tree essential oil. This combination includes a little base cream or carrier oil and the tea tree, of course.

  •  Geranium

    It is known as rose geranium, and it is one of the best essential oils for shingles which implements a tool to ease the painful feeling and promote the healing process. Then you are finding a right guy to fasten the strategy to recover from this situation as soon as possible. You can mix it with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil into a fine mixture; then you can apply that combination directly on the areas which are painful the most. In contrast, you can locate the oil directly on the places if you do not have carrier oil.

  • Lavender

    This guy is eminently familiar when you will come across almost everywhere, from the mental to physical health problems. It is truly friendly and safe to any purpose, as well as shingles. This will help you to ravage the bacteria and fungus from existing around the weak areas. For the duties, lavender essential oil will purify the painful places and support those to get cleaner, so that the location will be safer.

    Because of its suitable elements to treat shingles, essential oil generated from lavender can be applied directly on the uncomfortable areas.

  • Lemon Balm

    You need to weaken the herpes viruses to prevent larger infection. So you will need lemon balm, which consists of antispasmodic, antiviral and anti- inflammatory elements to sweep more and more viruses out of your body. Besides, lemon balm essential oils for shingles would serve a treatment for decrease the unpleasant moment such as painful, itchy and rashes.

    For this guy, you should pay more attention on how to use it correctly and for the best consequence. We advise you to mix it with other carrier oil to ease the active substances inside the oil. You can drop 4-5 drops of essential oil to little olive oil then mix then carefully. After that, you can comfortably use the combination.

  • Peppermint

    Having shingles, you might feel the heat inside rashes and painful areas. Therefore, peppermint is here to help you cool it down. Once you apply the essential oils for shingles on the places, you would see a different feeling right away. Not only for cooling function, but has it also helped to prevent the infection of other dangers from outside. However, it should be mixed with a carrier oil to have the most enjoyable feeling.

    Final words

    Normally, it is a certain safety for everyone to use essential oils for shingles. However, for some typical situation, they are getting allergies with the elements inside the oils, or it is causing some side effects such as burning. Therefore, we suggest you ask the doctor for the best essential oils, or you can list down harmful oils for yourself mainly.


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